ROBODoc 4.99.19 User Manual

Frans Slothouber

Petteri Kettunen

January 2005

Table of Contents

Installing ROBODoc
Preparing your source code for ROBODoc
Header Types
Text Formatting
Extracting Documentation with ROBODoc
Single document or many smaller documents
Output formats
Customizing ROBODoc
items block
ignore items block
source items block
options block
headertypes block
ignore files block
accept files block
header markers
remark markers
end markers
remark begin markers
remark end markers
Configuration file location
HTML Example
RTF Example
LaTeX Example
XML DocBook Example
Tips and Tricks
Using ROBODoc under Windows
Minimizing Duplicate Information
Advanced formating with raw HTML and LaTeX code
Linking to external documents (href, file, mailto, images)
Linking from an external document.
ROBODoc-ing an existing project.
Suggestions and Bugs


ROBODoc is a API documentation tool for C, C++, Java, Assembler, Basic, Fortran, LaTeX, Postscript, Tcl/Tk, LISP, Forth, Perl, Shell Scripts, Makefiles, Occam, COBOL, DCL, Visual Basic, HTML, DB/C, XML, and many other languages. It can be made to work with any language that supports comments.

ROBODoc works by extracting specially formated headers from your source code and writes these to documentation files. These files can be formatted in HTML, ASCII, XML DocBook, or RTF; and indirect to PDF.

ROBODoc is similar to JavaDoc, though the idea is much older than JavaDoc. ROBODoc allows you to maintain a program and its documentation in a single file. This makes it easier to keep your documentation up-to-date.

ROBODoc can be used to document anything you like, functions, methods, variables, definitions, test cases, makefile entries, and anything else you can think of.

It can create documentation consisting of many small files. For instance in HTML format for easy browsing and publication on the web. It can also create a single file in LaTeX or RTF format for inclusion into bigger design documents. The RTF format is suited to be included in Word documents.

ROBODoc allows you to separate internal documentation from external documentation. In singledoc mode it can create a section layout based on the hierarchy of your modules.

ROBODoc is designed to work with a lot of different programming languages. It has no knowledge of the syntax of a programming languages. It only has some knowledge about how remarks start and end in a lot of programming languages. This means that you sometimes have to do a little more work compared to other tools that have detailed knowledge of the syntax of a particular language. They can use that knowledge to figure out some of the information automatically. This usually also means that they work only with one or two languages.