# vi: spell ff=unix ft=none

Feb 2011 - V4.99.41
  Frans Slothouber
  o Switch to github
  o segfault fix

May 2010 - V4.99.40
  o Applied a fix by Luis Alejandro Muzzachiodi to fix a problem
    in troff_generator.c that prevented compilation under cygwin.

Mar 2009 - V4.99.38
  Frans Slothouber
  o Merged patch by Ralf Meister to improve troff output.
  o Added --config option that show build and configuration information.
  o Removed all uses of '//' to make ROBODoc compile on older compilers.
  o fixed a bug in the configure that caused ROBODoc to look
    in "/NONE/...." for robodoc.rc files.
  o make install no longer installs a roboboc.rc but a
  o Ran valgrind on the code and fixed various problems.
  o Fixed bug 1754770, "Circular references". Which caused
    ROBODoc to hang if there was a 'loop' in the headers.

Mar 2008 - V4.99.36
  Gergely Budai
  o Added option --source_line_numbers to include original source line numbers
    in the documentation.
  o Minor RTF format bugfix.
  o Fixed bug 1888454, "dot files are placed in the wrong directory".
  o Replaced the CRC32 based string hash algorithm with the one written by
    Bob Jenkins. It supposed to be faster.
  o Included some new and fixed some older test cases.
  o Removed the implicit generation of DOT pdf images for latex output.
  o Merged patch: [ 1845277 ] "Fix for unclosed <a> tags". (Thanks to m-35.)

Jun 2007 - V4.99.34
  Gergely Budai
  added option --header_breaks, which allows ROBODoc to insert line breaks
  after every specified number of header names to improve readability.

  Frans Slothouber
  o Merged path by Tom Keal that Fixes bug in parsing of the robodoc.rc file.
    (The wrong number of items is recorded for the preformatted_items and
     format_items block.)

Apr 2007 - V4.99.32
  o Fixed bug 1706446, --sectionnameonly and --rtf format problem
  o Fixed bug 1679101, "robodoc crashed on a faulty header".
  o Added the option --no_subdirectories.
  o output mode pipes at the end of an item don't result in broken
    formatting anymore.
  o Items that start with non-ascii characters are now recognized.
  o makefile.plain works again
  o the item names in the 'item order', 'ignore items', and other items blocks
    in the robodoc.rc file are checked against the list of allowed item names.
  o the options --sections and --toc do no longer lead
    to an assert() with --ascii
  o Added item sorting.  The order in which items are to
    appear in the documentation can be specified in the
    robodoc.rc file.

Feb 2007 - V4.99.30
  Frans Slothouber
  o Removed form-feed from ASCII output
  o Applied patch from Christian Vigh to make ROBODoc compile
    under MSVC++ V7
  o Applied patch from Wim van Hoydonck to fix a bug
    in the escaping of '_' in the names internal artifacts
    for LaTeX output.
  o Fixed makefile.plain
  o ROBODoc compiles without warnings using
      make -f makefile.plain

  Gergely Budai
  o Using bitfields in stead of and-ing with a define.
  o Function name separator can be configured to be something
    different than ','
  o Added a configuration block that allows the used to 
    specify which items are pre-formatted by default.

Sep 2006
  Frans Slothouber
  o Corrected return value of main()
Sep 2006 - V4.99.28
  Michèle Garoche
  o Improved Mac support (for FINK)

Aug 2006 - V4.99.28
  Gergely Budai
  o Fixed many compiler warnings.
  o More readable .css file
  o makefile for mingw under cygwin
  o Better syntax colouring support

  Frans Slothouber
  o Moved most of the HTML formatting to the .css file
  o Fixed a bug that caused the second list in a paragraph not
    to be recognized.
  o Added more documentation to the source.
  o Removed code for SGML docbook
  o Removed makefile and project file for MS VC++
  o Added functions to check for duplicate and
    mutual exclusive options.

Jun 2006 - V4.99.26
  o Merged patch from Gergely Budai. (Adds syntax colouring, better
    Latex output, and better tab control).
  o changed output of --test format to xml. (Easier to parse).
  o Masterindex no longer contains links to source files when 
    --one_file_per_header is used.

Jun 2006 - V4.99.24
  o Added option --one_file_per_header (experimental: this splits
    the documentation into many files, one per header).
  o Added header examples to documentation.

Dec 2005 - V4.99.23
  o Made it compile again under MingW
  o Fixed a bug in the reporting of a missing robodoc.rc file

Dec 2005 - V4.99.21
  o Fixed crash on empty source items.
  o Merged patch from cdumke for handling long lines

Dec 2005 - V4.99.19
  o Merged a patch from Friedrich Haase that allows  '--src .'
    and adds the options --sectionnameonly
  o Merged a patch from Andreas Weder for better LaTeX output
  o Added configuration options to allow some items
    to work in the same way as a SOURCE item.
  o ROBODoc now allows module and function names
    that include white space.

Frans Slothouber
Apr 2005 - V4.99.17
  o Added patch by Thierry Pierron for troff output.

Feb 2005 - V4.99.15
  o Documented more tests.
  o Changed timestamp format.
  o Added check on fork(). If fork() is not found only a stub for robohdrs
    is compiled.
  o Added patch by Thierry Pierron for aliasses. A single
    header can now be used to documents several similar functions/
    classes/variables etc.

Frans Slothouber
Feb 2005 - V4.99.10
  o Fixed a bug in the compilation under mingw

Jan 2005 - V4.99.8
Frans Slothouber
  o ROBODoc will look in different locations for the robodoc.rc file.
    ( $HOME/robodoc.rc,  $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH/robodoc.rc, and
      /usr/share/robodoc/robodoc.rc )
  o Added option --nogeneratedwith to enable users to remove the
    generated with robodoc line for the generated documentation.
  o Fixed the makefile for mingw (thanks to Brian Elmegaard)
  o Fixed a bug that caused robodoc to find headers even if
    there were none. [1055886]
  o Fixed a bug that caused robodoc to crash if single line source 
    item was found. [1056681]

Sep 2004 - V4.99.6
  o Fixed a bug that caused robodoc to crash when no files
    are found.  [1033913]

Sep 2004 - V4.99.4
Frans Slothouber
  o Fixed a bug that caused robodoc to die with an assert
    when an absolute path is used under windows.  [1033644]
  o Updated the man page.
  o Fixed a bug that caused links to be created for 'Foo' in

Aug 2004 - V4.99.3
Frans Slothouber
o If paths such as c:\doc\foo\bar are used as parameters
  they are first translated to c:/doc/foo/bar before
  they are further processed.
o Added patch send in by Ernst Bokkelkamp that adds
  the header type to each headers documentation.
o Updated documentation.

May 2004 - V4.99.1
 o Merged a patch by Bernhard Schoenhammer that adds a 
    accept files: 
   block to the robodoc.rc file.
 o Solved bug [972456] Case problem with creating links.
 o Fixed a bug [975543] that caused the Doc dir to be included when it was
   a subdir of the sourcedir and the sourcedir was specified to
   be '.'

May 2004 - V4.99.0
 o Fixed XML DocBook output, it appears that 4.0.24 created
   invalid XML files.
 o Added smart formatting.  Instead of using preformatted text,
   that is copying the header text verbatim into the output document,
   ROBODoc tries to determine the structure of the text from
   the indentation and use of special characters.

    For instance
       This is a list:
       o list item 1,
       o list item 2.

    Will be translated into the appropriate commands to create a similar
    list in the output format.

May 2004 - V4.0.25
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added --headless and --footless option to create documents that can be
 included into large documents.  (Works for LaTeX and HTML).

May 2004 - V4.0.24
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added --nosort option
 o With the define IGNORE_CASE_FILENAMES one can make robodoc case-insensitve
   when it comes to filenames.
 o Fixed bug [924530] False warning with empty lines
 o Fixed bug [925920] broken robodoc.rc file;  robodoc ignored end markers or
   remark markers if there was no header marker block.

March 2004 - V4.0.23
 Frans Slothouber
 o When sorting module headers come before headers
   of other types.
 o Fixes a bug in the sorting of headers.
 o Fixes a bug in linking
 o Sourcefiles that do not contain headers are not shown.

February 2004 - V4.0.21
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added navigation bar for every header. It allows one to jump
   to the parent header, the top of the document, and the index
   when available.
 o ROBODoc will continue parsing the other headers if it finds
   a header it can not parse.
 o Better formatted warnings.
 o The sourcefile index is now always sorted
 o Everything is sorted according to a non case sensitive string

January 2004 - V4.0.19
 Frans Slothouber
 o Fixed bug 874567 No crosslinks for names that start with '-'
 o Fixed bug 875533 No bolding for names starting with ::
 o Added configurable header markers, remark markers,
   and end markers.  ROBODoc is now usable with
   _any_ language.

 Hermann Hueni
 o Fixed broken configure on Solaris.

January 2004 - V4.0.18
 Frans Slothouber
 o Update of the user manual and documentation
 o Note that:
    If you were using an 'extensions:' block in your robodoc.rc file, 
    you have to replace this with an 'ignore files:' block with all
    extensions prefixed with '*'.  So, if you were using


    replace this with

    ignore files:

December 2003 - V4.0.17
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added directory tree shaped master index for the sourcefiles.
 o Added filtering of files and directories based on wildcard
 Michael Felke 
 o Support for lotus script, clean-up of headers.c and headers.h

December 2003 - V4.0.15
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added support for DB/C

December 2003 - V4.0.14
 John Rouillard
 o Bug fix.  no index file was generated for headertypes of which
             there were only internal headers.
 Frans Slothouber
 o More tests

December 2003 - V4.0.13

December 2003 - V4.0.12
 David White
 o Updated makefile for borland C
 o Added marker for Aspen Custom Modeller (ACM) 
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added more documentation
 o a .css file is now also used in singledoc mode
 o each header in the html documentation now has a permanent
   "a name" based on the full name of a header.
 o fixed the title of singledoc documents.
 o files or directories specified with --src or --doc
   are now automatically prefixed with a ./
 o It is now allowed to have a Doc directory that is a subdirectory
   of the source directory.  This Doc directory is skipped while robodoc
   scans for sourcefiles.
 o Added headermarker !**** for Fortran
 o ROBODoc now warns if it finds something that looks like an item name but is
   not in the list of item names.  This catches spelling mistakes like NAEM,
 o Fixed bug 830868 no error message for misspelled options
 o Fixed bug 767034 a slash at the end of a path confuses robodoc
 o Fixed bug 772213 assert fires if header is not closed
 o Added user configurable header types (section "header types"
   in robodoc.rc file).
 o Added lock mode (--lock). Per source file robodoc locks on the 
   first headermarker it finds and will recognize only that particular headermarker 
   for the remaining part of the file.
   In addition it locks on the first remark marker in each header and 
   will recognize only that particular remark marker for the remaining
   part of the header.
 Petteri Kettunen
 o First implementation of piping in generator.c

September 2003 - V4.0.11
 Frans Slothouber
 o Added a table for header types. This will allow custom 
   header types.
 o The master index table for HTML output is split up in
   several pages.  One for each header type.
 Petteri Kettunen
 o added --version option
 o fixed regex in bump.pl

September 2003 - V4.0.10

Augustus 2003 - V4.0.9
 Frans Slothouber
 o Removed some obsolete functions.
 o Added project file for MSVC++
 o Merged patch from Brian P. Hanley:
   + the option --rc to specify an alternate robodoc.rc file.
   + the option --css to specify an alternate css file.
     (The content of this file will be copied into the
      robodoc.css file).

Augustus 2003 - V4.0.8

July 2003 - V4.0.7
 Frans Slothouber
 o Indented all source code with indent
 o Added markers for VB
 o Added a Perl example to the Examples directory (bug 779560)
 o Fixed layout of the man pages. (bug 779553)
 Petteri Kettunen
 o signed/unsigned char changes and UTF-8 output in SGML and DBXML modes
 o robohdrs/-t option, macro (#define) created as `d' type header

July 2003 - V4.0.6
 David White
 o Added a makefile for Borland C compiler
 Frans Slothouber
 o Fix for bug 761686, space in .rc file confuses robodoc
 o Added a section on how to use robodoc under win32 to
   the manual.
 o Fix for bug 770251, Absolute filename causes an assertion to fail
 o Added a makefile for djgpp GCC under win32.

July 2003 - V4.0.5 
 Frans Slothouber
 o Fix for bug 761688, rtf output goes only 4 sections deep.
 o Added the option --tabsize n
 o Lines that do not start with a remark marker are skipped,
   unless they are part of a source item.
 o Re-enabled ascii output.

 Kai Hofmann
 o Fix for many compiler warnings.

June 2003 - V4.0.4
 Frans Slothouber
 o Merged changes to the html generator from Kai.

June 2003 - V4.0.3  
 Frans Slothouber
 o Fix for bug -- ./configure crashes.
 o Fix for bug -- Wrong version number is shown when compiled without using

 Jacco van Weert
 o Added image: tag to html output.

May 2003 - V4.0.2
 o Fix for bug        -- robodoc chokes on empty lines in
                         the robodoc.rc file.
 o Fix for bug        -- Bad formatting of the 'unknown section' error.
 o Fix for bug 721685 -- TOC appears twice in a RTF Doc
 o Fix for bug 721690 -- TOC in mutidoc files are wrong.
 o Added support for DCL.

April 2003 - V4.0.1
 o Fix for bug 715778 -- on some machines the d_type of the
   struct dirent is always DT_UNKNOWN. This caused ROBODoc
   to skip all files. (Thanks to Je'rome Laheurte).
 o Merged a patch by Andreas Signer that add a number of
   new headr types.
 o Merged a patch by Janusz Piwowarski that allows users
   to specify (1) the extension of the output file and
   (2) html character encoding.

April 2003 - V4.0.0
 o Support for XML DocBook output.
 o A new tool, robohdrs, is included -- it can insert empty headers
   in the source code.
 o Support for cascading style sheets (CSS) in HTML mode.
 o Complete rework of the commandline interface.
 o ROBODoc can now work with directories and subdirectories,
   and does not need xref files anymore.
 o All documentation can be created with a single command, you
   no longer need a makefile to create your documentation.
 o The manual is now in docbook format and much more extensive.
 o Lots of refactoring, code should be easier to extend and understand
 o There is now some design documentation.
 o Support for single file and multiple file documentation.
 o Dropped support for Amiga Guide format.
 o More unittests.
 o Support for packaging under RedHat and OS-X
 o C++ and C examples have been removed.

July 2002 - V3.2.4
 o Indented headers
 o 2 character header types
 Modifications by Nathan Prewitt  
 o To allow further classification
   of internal headers as internal functions, internal classes,
   internal variables, etc.
 o Added export into TROFF format with man macros -
  suitable for Unix man pages.
 o Fixed HTML generation to skip table of contents
   if there were no TOC requested at command line.
 o Fixed analyzer to correctly handle empty headers.

March 2002 - Frans Slothouber (V3.2.4Beta2)
 o More unittests
 o Documentation update
 o Added automatic detection of file:/
 o Merged back the changes by Sasha Vasko.after I had
   accidently deleted them when merging the DocBook changes.
 o Indented most of the sourcecode.

March 2002 - Frans Slothouber (V3.2.4Beta1)
 o Documentation updates.  
 o added a target docclean in the makefile in Source/ to clean
   all temporary files.
 o updated documentation
 o added testframework

August 2001  DCD Changes - V3.2.4 with docbook support:
  o Added support for Docbook SGML - Robodoc can now produce
    output in Docbook SGML using the DBSGML command line switch,
    allowing standardized conversion to a host of formats
    including HTML (single and multiple), RTF, ASCII, LATEX, 
    and PDF. Docbook also
    allows you to use external style sheets in which you can
    change the look of your document. See www.docbook.org for more
    on DocBook
  o Added -rh switch which causes Robodoc to scan for a single header
    defined as *ROBODOC* (char *robo_header) instead of header_markers
    and uses *ROBODOC_END* as the end marker.
    This prevents problems with Robodoc becoming confused with
    normal comments uing *. It is particularly helpful in scanning
    PHP source. It will only work with languages that support
    multiline c-style comments
  o Added -nt switch. Only used in DBSGML mode when creating a master
    index. This causes Robodoc to list the Master Index functions as
    a section 3 level item rather than as part of a table.
  o Added genrd, a Unix bash shell script which simplifies the use
    of Robodoc when generating documents from multiple source files
    and when creating crossreferences and a master index.
    Whole directories and subdirectories of source code can be
    scanned and documented with a one line statement rather than
    having to construct a makefile or using multiple
    robodoc statements. See genrd -h for more info.

Sepetember 2000 - Frans Slothouber (V3.2.3)
 o Added a descrip.mms file for compilation under VMS
 o make install installs additional documentation.
 o Fixed a bug that caused links of the type
  "someword/anotherword," to be ignored, while
  "someword/anotherword" was recognized.

July 2000 - Frans Slothouber (V3.2.2)
 o Documentation explains how to use ROBODoc when your sources are
   in several subdirectories.
 o Documentation explains master index file for LaTeX, how to view
   the generated documentation, and the new options, NOSOURCE, SINGLEDOC
   and TITLE.
 o example makefile includes commands to view the
   generated documentation.
 o Updated the man page
 o Added option SINGLEDOC
     For LaTeX output this generates documentation without
     the start and end headers.  This way the generated file
     can be included in a master file.
 o Added master index file for LaTeX output.  The documentation
     gathered from several source files can now be included into
     one big file.
 o Added the option NOSOURCE.  With this option the SOURCE item
   is not included in the documentation.
 o Added the TITLE option. This allows to set the title for
   the master index file.
 o Made the search for headermarkers case insensitve.
   REM == Rem == rem

December 1999 - v3.1f
 o added RB_TimeStamp() to include time stamps in the documentation.
 o Documentation is now generated in LaTeX2e format.
 o added '|****' as begin marker, '|' as remark marker and '|***' as
   end marker for GNU assembler support.
 o ran ident on all source. Using the GNU standard now.
 o Added new fold markers provided by Petteri

December 1999 - Frans Slothouber (v3.1e)
 o Moved the C example in Examples to Examples/C
 o Added an C++ example in Examples/CPP
 o Added empty headers for C++ in Headers/ 
 o More documentation.
 o added markers for HTML.
 o modified the RB_Find_Link() function to also words that include
   "::". This is used for C++ methods.
 o added a RB_Function_Name() function that correctly extracts the
   function name (or the name of any other object that is documented)
   from the header name.  The old code used RB_FilePart which failed
   on C++ method names.
 o Fixed a core-dumping bug in RB_Set_Doc_Base()

December 1999 - Frans Slothouber (v3.1d)
 o Added list of possible item names to the robodoc man page.
 o Added list of possible header types to the robodoc man page.
 o Updated manual with information on the generation of the
   master index file and new header types.
 o added new header types for, classes, methods, variables,
   functions, strutures and constants. (Idea of Stefan Kost)
 o added a command to create a master index file that contains
   sorted pointers to all classes, methods, variables,
   functions, strutures and constants.

December 1999 - Frans Slothouber (v3.1c)
 o Added testheader.c for debug purposes.
 o Split the source code into serveral files.
 o Fixed numerous typos in the documentation.
 o Using m4 to create the html documentation (for table of contents ect).
 o Added cross links between the documentation and examples.
 From patches that I received from Stefan Kost
 o added new items useful for object oriented programming; some of
   these items are already used in os3.1 autodocs
 o commented the item names
 o changed item-type enums to end all with _ITEM
 o changed RB_Find_Link to accept names ending with '...'
 o changed copyright comment to be a style-guide conform version string.
 o changed RB_VER[] to be a style-guide conform version string
 o changed AMIGA into _AMIGA, because the first one does not exists,
   when compiling with NOANSI on SAS C/C++

November 1999 - Frans Slothouber (v3.1b)
  o Added a man page
  o Cleaned-up html documentation.
  o <A NAME="source code file name"> is generated at the beginning of
    each document. A mention of the source code name in another
    document creates a link to this name (provided you use xrefs).
 o Moved most #defines and enums to robodoc.h
 o Made ROBODoc more forgiving in reading the xrefs file. Empty
   lines are allowed and also spaces at the end of a file name.

August 1999 - Frans Slothouber: v3.1
 o Added GPL licence
 o Converted the documentation to HTML
 o Spell-checked all documentation
 o More documentation and a more informative usage() function.
 o robodoc -c prints licence
 o removed a number of Source items from the documentation to reduce
   the size of the robodoc.c.html file...  no fun for people
   to download a >100k file.
 o removed the warning about not using a robodoc default file.
 o indent -orig -i2 -nbc -ncdb -bad -bap
 o Fixed the warnings.
 o Fixed some occurrences of (evil cast)malloc  (thou shalt not
   cast malloc :)
 o ROBODoc now returns EXIT_FAILURE or  EXIT_SUCCESS, as defined
   in <stdlib.h>
 o Fixed a memory leak in RB_Analyse_Document()

Modifications by Petteri Kettunen  
August 1999 - v3.0m+
  o Support for folding in SOURCE items, HTML only.
  o indent -kr
  o Added options FOLD and C

Modifications by Petteri Kettunen
Feb 1999      - v3.0m
  o Changed background color to white
  o Changed size of Table of Contents title. (H3 instead of H1)
  o The reverse function also reversed the sorted header list,
    fixed this.

Modifications by FNC Slothouber.
   Feb-1999    - v3.0l * Added function to reverse the header list.
14-Aug-1998    - v3.0k * Tcl/Tk '#' handling added;

Modifications by agi
15-Dec-1997    - v3.0j
  o cleaned the HTML-output, so it now conforms to the DTD for HTML-3.2
  o TOC now is an ordered list (<OL> and <LI>)
  o added "<!DOCTYPE..>"
  o added quotes to values of some HTML-attributes
  o more compatible implementation of the SGML-comment containing
    copyright-info replaced all occurrences of <B><PRE>.. by <PRE><B>
  o replaced <H2/3> by <H1/2>
  o fixed two minor warnings reported by gcc -Wall

Modifications by FNC Slothouber.
10-July-1996   - v3.0i
  o Bug Fix, Both the options INTERNAL and INTERNALONLY did not
    work correctly.
01-April-1996  - v3.0h
  o Added ';' to &gt and &lt so lynx also recognizes them.
  o Fancied up the HTML output.

Modifications by apang
 08-Mar-1996   - v3.0f
 o Cleaner build for Borland C++ 4.52
 o Added more markers (C++, Pascal, Modula-2, COBOL)
 o Added more item types/names
 o Added #defines for the preamble (COMMENT_ROBODOC and
 o BLANK_HEADER for detection of asterisk'd lines
 o RB_Say() the GENERIC header warning instead of using printf()
 o Indents SOURCE body in output
 o ASCII respects the TOC flag; removed extraneous newline after
   formfeed (so it's more like AutoDoc)
 o HTML output fixed to handle '<', '>', and '&'
 o LaTeX attributes and '%' handling added; fancied up the output a bit
 o RTF support added
 o Changed some fprintf()'s to fputc()'s for potentially lower overhead
 o Fixed line eater bug
 o More general fix to the TOC problem of including internal links
  when it wasn't selected

Modifications by FNC Slothouber.
04-Feb-1996   - v3.0e
 o fixed the problem with the TOC that included links to headers that
   were not selected. (i.e internal)
08-Oct-1995   - v3.0d
 o Bug fixes
16-Sep-1995   - v3.0c
 o Bug fixes
27-Aug-1995   - v3.0b
 o Fixed a bug with the defaults file
 o Improved search algorithm RoboDoc is now 5.8 times faster.
18-Aug-1995   -  v3.0
 o New scanner that searches for a set default markers
   that define what is a comment or what is not and that
   define what or what is not a header/end marker.
 o Added Beast Support

08-Aug-1995 - Koessi  -
 o a lot of while instead of for
 o a lot of switch() instead of ifelse
 o version defined
 o RB_Say, RB_Panic now useable like printf()
 o new formats for nearly all output-strings
 o char *whoami is global copy of argv[0]
 o succesfully compiled&tested on HPUX (HP9000/800)
 o optimized listfunctions
 o encapsulated header- and link- allocating and freeing
 o RB_Find_Function_Name() replaced with RB_FilePart()

07-Aug-1995 - Koessi   -
 o automated foldmarks "\***"
 o ! GoldEd's foldmarks == RoboDoc marker !
 o quoted source parsing enhanced

01-Aug-1995 - Koessi  - v2.0?  
 o more robust parsing, less enforcer-hits
 o removed self-referencing links !
 o remarked most changes with *koessi*
 o added GoldEd-foldmarks
 o compiled successfully with SAS-C 6.3

24-May-1995 - Frans Slothouber - v2.0e  
 o Fixed a bug that cause the CleanUp Routine to lock up.
 o Improved the HTML output, should work faster now.

15-May-1995 - Frans Slothouber - v2.0d  
 o New Defaults file.
 o Added Verbose option.

12-May-1995 - Frans Slothouber - v2.0c  
 o Bug fixes.

10-May-1995 - Frans Slothouber -  v2.0a  
 o Program completely rewritten
 o added SOURCE item and LaTeX output.
 o added TAB converter.

20-Apr-95 - Jacco van Weert    -  v1.1a:  
 o INTERNALONLY option added.
 o Sort problem solved.

2-Apr-95 - Jacco van Weert     -  v1.0b:  Bug fixes
 o Procedure header search bug solved.
 o Print 'created procedure' text

Mar-95  - Jacco van Weert      -  v1.0a:  Final version

2-Feb-95  - Jacco van Weert    -  v0.93:  
 o Mungwall hit, solved.
 o When item headers, are also available in body then parts are 
   duplicated solved.

26-Jan-95     -  v0.92:  2nd test beta-version

19-January-95 - Jacco van Weert  (v0.8)
  o First test beta-version

December 1994 - Jacco van Weert -- creation date.